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Agreeing to everything someone is saying so that they stop talking.

And we will always be grateful for what Tim Russert meant to Morning Joe. When he "blessed us" in 2008 in Iowa, it changed everything.

Honey Boo Boo just got renewed and they're paying her $250,000, in case you needed more reasons to cry yourself to sleep at night.

Taiji: All killing boats have returned to Taiji harbor without dolphins. 9:05am

Wake me up when it's Friday......or the temp rises above 60°...or a donut truck spills its load.

Brushing your teeth could lower your risk of dementia (plus 8 other reasons to keep a clean mouth)

Lina is looking for a home! Meet this cutie at the Brooklyn Care Center, 2336 Linden Blvd. Adoption hours 12-7pm,...

Let's not be concerned about shortcomings of others. Let's be concerned about our own.

Be found at one's post, living each day as though it were our last, but planning as though our world might last 100 years

Local police officer on our security detail: "I hope even if you guys come up here and lose, we can keep your band and you can take ours."

Moses MUST find an adopter or rescuer. He's been chained outside for most of his almost 5 years... he was...

Compassion Over Killing Exposes Extreme Cruelty at CA Slaughter Plant Watch and Go Vegan

When you feel exhausted from life, take a deep breath and pray. God will give you strength.

AC&C foster volunteers save lives - including those of Gizmo and Celine (pictured here and currently in foster)....

Life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain and I'm killing this two step...

HELP! RT : Lost small black + tan terrier in canals area. DM me for contact phone number if found

Taiji: Sept 15 6:08am -Dolphin killers have day off. Pilot whales & bottlenose dolphins remain captive in killing cove until tomorrow.

Tweeps, will be substitute-anchoring on sunday. Hope you'll tune in -- much to discuss!

Three things that aren't true: "No small dogs in shelters." "No purebred dogs in shelters." "No one adopts older dogs."

need life jackets too! If your dog is going to be in & out of the water, a foam-filled, float coat might be a good fit!

Love u too Ms. Cheryl, sorry 4 letting you down RT : Keep your head up Chad. Your true friends & fans support you. Love to you.

Taiji: All 12 killing boats have returned to Taiji harbor empty handed. The dolphins are safe today. 9:24am

This Week's Special: Sweet ginger seitan with leeks, chili garlic dragon sauce, arugula and smoked chili...

Volunteers LOVE this dog ' South LA: Donna, black pit mix, is shy, sweet & gentle, good w/ kids & dogs. Vid:

Digital Domain, Company Behind 'Tron' & Tupac Hologram, Files for Bankruptcy

Taiji: lost most of pod but small pod now being driven toward cove. 11:37am

Taiji: killing boats found pod, lost pod and now have pod again. Dolphins are exhausted and slowing down. 11:25am

Taiji: second pod still being chased by 11 killing boats and 3 skiffs. Pod is putting up a strong fight! Boats lost pod again.

Taiji: appears second pod may have escaped. First pod in killing cove awaiting fate. Imprisonment or slaughter 10:36am

Please continue to share Vera, especially with anyone who loves easy-going senior dogs! This older girl has been...

Liam Neeson trained Batman, Obi Wan, and Darth Vader. He is both Aslan and Zeus...and he punches wolves. Why would you kidnap his family?

Yogi Berra is one of many great AC&C animals that will be available for adoption at the Richmond Hill Block...

Live and let live, even if it saunters around on 8 legs.And looks like a small turtle.And makes you scream like a little girl.

You left the comma off of you're RT : seriously, if youre going to correct my twitter typos, just unfollow.

first post in 4 months, with apology & explanation, and prayer request...thanks for your patience:

RT! RT got ROBBED! vntge Rodgers 20 kck, 67 ludwig tom, 72 ludwig floor tom, k custom cymbals ampeg clssic SVT 4x10 PLEASE RT!

If you want to know what God wants from you, ask Him in faith and He will answer.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. –Roger Caras. RT if you agree!

I couldn't hear him on the TV, my couch & coffee table kept talking through it RT : What did u think of Clint Eastwood's speech?

The sad moment when you return to your ordinary life after watching an awesome movie..

You must believe that God is separate from the world and that some of the things we see in it are contrary to His will.

The awkward moment when you accidentally make eye contact with the same person like 5 times.

Today in 1963: Nobel Peace Prize winner Martin Luther King, Jr. gives "I Have a Dream" speech.

STORM WATCH-MS: If evacuating and need shelter for horses or large animals, BARN 10 at the State Fairgrounds will house them

Pray for Gulf residents. I love them! “: Hurricane Isaac to hit New Orleans, making landfall soon

: Today in 1963: Nobel Peace Prize winner Martin Luther King, Jr. gives "I Have a Dream" speech.

Just saw three horse drawn carriages here in the city of Montreal. Whether its in NYC or not, this has to stop!

Don't forget gift to my Cat Ladies use coupon code: EVEL for 15% off with FREE SHIPPING of any cat trees at www.Kitty

It's sad how the people you were once so close with can become just another stranger you don't know

I hate it when i meow at cats and they dont meow back. Unbelievably rude.

Don't forget 2 leave a (hopefully nice) review on iTunes if you've bought my solo Country album. Thanks for the encouragement! Tell a friend

I love that super cute thing you do where you don't text me back for hours, Adorable.

"Tweeting" is so much more better than "Updating my Facebook Status"

I just voted! Watch finalist vids & help decide which 5 small businesses deserve a Big Break®! VOTE NOW!

powerful interactive tool from NYT to honor the 2,000 US troops who have died in and around Afghanistan >

Everyone wants 2 win, but a champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning. . Higher motivation = yr own evolution.

Meet us in NYC! Join us on the road this year for a new series of "up close" events. RSVP soon, space is limited!

I hate how spiders just sit there on your wall, acting like they pay rent.

We see thousands of squirrels through life, but once we meet that one squirrel, our life will never be the same again..

I haven't had to tread water in a long time... special thank you to my for keeping me afloat...

I have 998 followers. Can I get at least two more today? Not grovelling, just wondering aloud...

Since February, AC&C has been caring for more than 20 Shetland sheepdogs rescued from hoarders. Now that their...

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." Mark 12:30

Since February, AC&C has been caring for more than 20 Shetland sheepdogs (including Quincy, pictured here)...

Please sign this petition! JCP is now selling Michael Vick merchandise. Let them know that it is NOT OK. Thank you.

Tube Sox! : Closing down a NYC street to sell rugs, corn on the cob and tube socks is another one of summer's most precious gifts

Breaking News: Romney promises to release more tax returns as soon as he can get the guy from Luxembourg on the phone.

Is everyone ready for Sunday play by play? I 'm on my way to Saints facility right now to sign the contract and make it official! Stay tuned

Could not make it to Comic-Con so I'm picking up my dry cleaning as Wonder Woman.

Congrats to my guy, my friend, my quarterback on his espy. Well deserved! Ok, now pay the man!!!

Rec'd card in mail will make sure I still see my programs. All I have to do is PURCHASE them elsewhere.

Happy 4th of July! Please remember to leave pets at home if you're going to see live fireworks displays. The...

Mark your calendars (and our online form): AC&C's next Foster Volunteer orientation is July 16, at 7pm. Follow...

As we celebrate this Independence Day with our friends and families let's reflect on the sacrifices of fallen Marine, Soldiers, Sailors...

Happy 4th of July to everybody! Enjoy the day and remember that it's bigger than just a day off of work. God bless America!

★★★HAPPY 4th of July★★★ Freedom isn't free. Thank a serviceman or servicewoman 4 ur political freedom. Thank Jesus 4 ur spiritual freedom.

Favorite moment in "Independence Day": A sequence of mass death capped by the good news that one dog made it to safety.

Thanks a lot, America. Because of your dumb birthday fireworks my 11 year old dog is pacing around the house like a fugitive on the lamb.

NBC should b ashamed at the way they have handled/treated Ann Curry She deserved better & she got screwed

NOT (love her) that sent me away, crappy content is the culprit even can't keep me tuned in Curry

Help win $2500 to save cats and dogs in NYC! Like on Facebook and vote for the Mayor's Alliance!

Archive photos: A shipwrecked million-dollar cruise ship off Port Hueneme in 1970 that was later sold for scrap

TC editor Josh Larsen comes to terms with 'A LeBron James win and confronting the hubris within' -

Help us to help them! Want to be a part of Team "Last Chance at Life" ? Email and we will...

Very disappointed failed to consider the common sense bill passed by to protect sharks from the cruel shark fin trade

Mission: Small Business℠: WE NEED 250 Votes to be considered for a 250k grant to help Dun-Well EXPAND!!!

Grounding comes from within. U can't let other's opinion of u rule ur spirit or ur destined 2 flail between depression & arrogance

You don’t need to go to Uzbekistan or the Congo to be on the frontlines of the kingdom of God. Simply say “Yes” to God wherever you’re at.

Is immigration a topic on which Christians should clearly agree? Join the conversation:

On this 18th day of a Month, can you give Hope a second chance? Adoption hours 12-7pm every day

Sad news about Rodney King. interviewed him recently and he could not have been nicer.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Tom Benson is officially the new owner of the New Orleans Hornets.